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Matt's Equipment Repair

Affordable Rentals: Generators $25 a day.

Years ago I worked at a rental yard. I was amazed at how high rental prices were. They have to be to support a store that only does rentals. I've often thought it would be great if there was a cheaper option. So I've decided to get in to rental slowly, starting with generators. I'm not doing what rental stores do, which is buy new, keep it for a year or two, then sell it and buy more. I'm just fixing old machines. Anymore older machines are more durable then the cheap imports we see now. This also follows my philosophy of waste reduction. There are plenty of good machines out there headed to the dump, but many can be fixed and still have years of life in them. We really don't need to buy more cheap imported equipment so that it can run for it's short life. I'm current fixing more generators and then will add other equipment as I find machines worth fixing. But for now it's generators and it's not $100 a day. I want this to be affordable and worth doing. If you have a freezer full of meat and a large outages hits, it shouldn't cost you hundreds of dollars to save that food.