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Does oil weight really matter?

Posted by [email protected] on 30 January, 2016 at 18:10

For the most part, if you keep oil in a motor and change it on occasion your going to be fine. I'm not a big believer in brands. Synthetic oil in general is better than regular oil, but you need to be careful as advertising laws have changed, many oils that are advertised as synthetic really are not.

But on the topic of oil weight, there is one time that it does make a big difference. The Kohler Command, one of my favorite engines, asks for 10W30 and there are big consequences for using the wrong oil, especially heavier weights. The Kohler Command uses hydraulic lifters, they are the same lifters that are used in a small block Chevy engine, but air cooled engines run a lot hotter that water cooled engines and when people use a straight 30 weight or 10W40 the oil foams up and locks the lifters up solid. Then sometimes the engine just runs poorly but I have seen them bend push rods and break rocker arm studs right out of the top of the head.

So this is the one instance that it is very important. I meet a lot of people that have a lot of opinions on oil. My opinion is simply use one of the recommended weights, change it when your supposed to and your not going to have any lubrication problems.

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